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greeting message of utiltech CEO, expressing great thanks
UTILTECH is the plant facility manufacturer specialized in FLF(floating loading/unloading facility), material handling system and plant building, pursuing the happiness of mankind and creation of future values to meet the rapid change of global transition of eco-friendly low-carbon energy saving technology and green development. And we are doing our best to manufacture the best and customer-oriented products.

UTILTECH is playing an excellent role in the CHS(Cargo Handling System) like FLF(Floating Loading Facility, FOTP(Floating Offshore Transfer Platform) in Indonesia for coal handling system. In particular, we at UTILTECH, are proud to say that we are the best leader in the transshipment and loading/unloading equipment manufacturing.
One of our strong points is to have staffs who have experience of boarding as officers and engineers for many years and sufficient know-how of a shipping business, with a view to providing a ship with the most satisfactory and convenient service, promoting operation efficiency and enhancing the interest of ship owners.

Whenever, Wherever and Any items would be appreciated if you request. Our service is mainly based on the top-accuracy and high quality more than you could expect, with enough stocks on hand. When you contact us is the very time for you to feel utmost satisfaction.

My heartful wish is to have a good and faithful relationship with you.
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